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  • 1 download matlab for Unix 2014 , your license key file is needed at first.

  • 2 mount the iso file

mount -o loop,ro Mathworks.Matlab.R2014a.iso /media
  • 3 cover the /media/java/jar with your licensed jar.
sudo cp Crack/install.jar /media/java/jar

Note: If you can’t edit the file in /media, you can mount the iso file to your working dir. like:

cd ~
mkdir matlab_source
sudo cp /media -r matlab_source
  • 4 create the filepath to be installed.
mkdir -p /opt/matlab/etc
mkdir -p /opt/matlab/2014a
  • 5 install configure:copy installer_input.txt, activate.ini,license.lic files to /opt/matlab/etc directory,
sudo cp serial/license.lic /opt/matlab/etc
sudo cp activate.ini /opt/matlab/etc
sudo cp installer_input.txt /opt/matlab/etc
  • 6 configure the installer_input.txt file
sudo vim /opt/matlab/etc/installer_input.txt //edit installer_input file
destinationFolder=/opt/matlab/2014a //where to install matlab
fileInstallationKey=12345-67890-12345-67890 // your key
agreeToLicense=yes //agree to the license
outputFile=/tmp/mathwork_install.log //installing log
mode=silent // install directly without GUI
activationPropertiesFile=/opt/matlab/etc/activate.ini // activation file
licensePath=/opt/matlab/etc/license.lic // your license file
sudo vim /opt/matlab/etc/activate.ini //edit activate file
isSilent=true //open the silent install mode
activateCommand=activateOffline //activation type: online or offline
licenseFile=/opt/matlab/etc/license_405329_R2014a.lic //your license file location
  • 7 When configuration finished, run the install sctript.
sudo ./install -inputFile /opt/matlab/etc/installer_input.txt
  • 8 After you finished,you need to move crack/linux/ to /opt/matlab/2014a/bin/glnxa64/. if not, you cannot use matlab,
sudo cp Linux/ /opt/matlab/2014a/bin/glnxa64/
  • 9 configure your matlab path
vim /etc/profile
export PATH=/opt/matlab/2014a/bin:$PATH
source /etc/profile
echo $PATH
  • 10 setup shortkey for running matlab
alias matlab="matlab -nodesktop -nodisplay"

Note: you have to preinstall openjdk or oracle-jdk before.