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sparse_block_dot is a special function in Theano.

1. Function

for b in range(batch_size):
    for j in range(o.shape[1]):
        for i in range(h.shape[1]):
            o[b, j, :] +=[b, i], W[iIdx[b, i], oIdx[b, j]])

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Input Parameter

- W (iBlocks, oBlocks, iSize, oSize) – weight matrix
- h (batch, iWin, iSize) – input from lower layer (sparse)
- inputIdx (batch, iWin) – indexes of the input blocks
- b (oBlocks, oSize) – bias vector
- outputIdx (batch, oWin) – indexes of the output blocks


- dot(W[i, j], h[i]) + b[j] #but b[j] is only added once
- shape: (batch, oWin, oSize)

2. Applications

used form calculating theano.tensor.nnet.h_softmax;


def h_softmax(x, batch_size, n_outputs, n_classes, n_outputs_per_class,
              W1, b1, W2, b2, target=None):
    # "Two-level hierarchical softmax."
    # First softmax that computes the probabilities of belonging to each class
    class_probs = theano.tensor.nnet.softmax(, W1) + b1)
    if target is None:  # Computes the probabilites of all the outputs
        # Second softmax that computes the output probabilities
        activations = tensor.tensordot(x, W2, (1, 1)) + b2
        output_probs = theano.tensor.nnet.softmax(
            activations.reshape((-1, n_outputs_per_class)))
        output_probs = output_probs.reshape((batch_size, n_classes, -1))
        output_probs = class_probs.dimshuffle(0, 1, 'x') * output_probs
        output_probs = output_probs.reshape((batch_size, -1))
        # output_probs.shape[1] is n_classes * n_outputs_per_class, which might
        # be greater than n_outputs, so we ignore the potential irrelevant
        # outputs with the next line:
        output_probs = output_probs[:, :n_outputs]
    else:  # Computes the probabilities of the outputs specified by the targets
        target = target.flatten()
        # Classes to which belong each target
        target_classes = target // n_outputs_per_class
        # Outputs to which belong each target inside a class
        target_outputs_in_class = target % n_outputs_per_class

        # Second softmax that computes the output probabilities
        activations = sparse_block_dot(
            W2.dimshuffle('x', 0, 1, 2), 
            x.dimshuffle(0, 'x', 1),
            tensor.zeros((batch_size, 1), dtype='int32'), 
            target_classes.dimshuffle(0, 'x'))

        output_probs = theano.tensor.nnet.softmax(activations.dimshuffle(0, 2))
        target_class_probs = class_probs[tensor.arange(batch_size),
        output_probs = output_probs[tensor.arange(batch_size),
        output_probs = target_class_probs * output_probs
    return output_probs